Sunday, November 17, 2013

First Block-Of-The-Month Kit -- Finally Finished

The very first full-sized quilt kit that I ever bought was a block-of-the-month from Joann's, when I still lived in Boston. That was awhile ago -- indeed, another lifetime ago! Well, in a just-get-it-done mood, over the past year, I finally finished it! The blocks were actually pretty challenging, but were made more so by the fact that the cutting had not always been done super accurately (the kit came in a series of 12 blocks, with the individual pieces for each block already cut out). So, not an ideal project for a beginner at all. As a result, there is one block with a MAJOR piecing booboo; can you find it?! When I see it, it makes me cringe ... but on the other hand I kind of like it because 1) it makes me laugh, and 2) it shows the progression in my quilt piecing skills because that's not a mistake I would make now! Because this will be a quilt to use, I just had a simple and inexpensive large stipple done by B&B Machine Quilting (Orland, CA). I still love the colors -- muted greens and pinks -- and it will now be "The Living Room" quilt since it coordinates with the couch's colors. Another long-term UFO is now out of storage and off my list!

First Block-Of-The-Month quilt (~2000), finally finished (2013).