Thursday, May 12, 2016

1920's Wedding Ring Quilt

My coworker and cubicle neighbor (i.e., the person I spend the most time with!) is getting married this May, so when she decided on a vintage black-and-white 1920's themed wedding I immediately started looking for a historic quilt pattern. We have a large stash of patterns, which we keep in binders using hole-punched sheet protectors (a storage tip for other pattern-hoarding quilters out there!). So this one entitled "Wedding Ring" of course jumped out at me.

"Wedding Ring" vintage quilt pattern.
Upon further research this vintage pattern is also called "Crown-of-Thorns", and was made as far back as the early 1800s. And, I found a number of these "Wedding Ring" quilts that had been made in the 1920s, on The Quilt Index (examples here, here, and here).
Robert Kaufman fabric line "Beau Monde"
Her other wedding theme is feathers (in lieu of flowers), so the art deco inspired "Beau Monde" fabric line by Robert Kaufman also caught my eye. My Mom and I made a special trip to our nearby quilt store, Cotton Patch, in Lafayette, CA to pick out the remaining coordinating fabrics from this line. The white and black fabrics in the blocks have metallic-shimmer polka dots, similar to what's in the feather fabric. The black border and binding is a matte black.

Six months and many, many tiny triangles later (!), the quilt is now finished:
Art deco "Wedding Ring" quilt, by Holly Jessop, May 2016. Blocks are 10" and the quilt measures about 75" x 75".
Art deco "Wedding Ring" quilt, by Holly Jessop, May 2016. Blocks are 10" and the quilt measures about 75" x 75".
Quilt label (with imagery taken from wedding announcement), and gift bag.
I gave Carla & Joseph their quilt as a workplace wedding shower gift on May 11, 2016:
Workplace wedding shower May 11, 2016.


  1. Beautiful work Holly! I had to laugh that a pattern could be called both Wedding Ring and Crown of Thorns!

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