Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Recycling "extra" quilt fabric into bags

To be able to match the border pattern in Molly's quilt, I had bought extra fabric (Molly's quilt was made for a friend's 35th birthday in 2010, with Julie Paschkis fabric I had found in a quilt shop in Michigan). It's a fabric that I still absolutely LOVE, and I finally found something to do with it: Another shoulder bag! I think it came out super-cute. It's a little bit larger than the shoulder bag that I made last month. This one has a pair of inside pockets, a magnetic closure on the flap, and "feet".
"Molly Bag", by Holly

Little Mr. Aerie Parrot sometimes like to sew with us. Here he is "helping" his Grandma-bird. Despite lots of input from him on the fabric selection and sewing, she managed to start and finish this pillow case in one evening(1) -- which is another "extra" quilt fabric recycling project.
Aerie Parrot and Mom sewing a pillow case, 8/24/2016.
And finally, we are making lots of shopping bags, which go together quite quickly now that we're familiar with the pattern. They are fully lined, with straps that go completely around. We're mostly using our long stored away "trash fabric" (cotton/polyesters), which should wash and wear well.
Shopping bag made by Holly.

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