Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mumbo Gumbo

In 2004 we went to Disneyland for my 35th birthday, and while in the Los Angeles area in January we also attended the Road To California Quilt Show -- where I bought one of my first quilt patterns, called Mumbo Gumbo from Pie In The Sky Quilts. It's another project that's perfect for using fabric scraps. Since I've recently been rather obsessed with trying to "put a dent in" our scrap baskets (introduced in 'Got Scraps?'), I finally started -- and finished(!) -- this pattern.

Mumbo Gumbo quilt top
My version is slightly different from the pattern, in that each "log" is of a different fabric -- this allowed for strip piecing, which was much speedier. I had started out matching logs (see the set of two blocks framing the center), but the remainder of the quilt is from randomly selected fabrics. I remember many of these fabrics from previous projects, all the way back to when my Mom was sewing during my childhood. So, this quilt is also kind of a memory quilt.

And no, our scrap baskets are still not empty! In fact, they're as full as ever, sigh. I need to keep a Mumbo Gumbo project continuously going!

Update, June 2013: I decided to get the Mumbo Gumbo quilt finished -- so I chose a marbled yellow wide backing fabric and sent it to B&B Machine Quilting in Oroville, CA for just a simple all-over large stipple. It came out great (the quilting doesn't detract from the pieced design, which is what I wanted), and I decided to just fold over the backing with a machine zig-zag stitch for the binding (very quick!).

Mumbo Gumbo quilt finished! June 2013.


  1. Great job, Holly! I didn't realize it was a pattern when you posted it in the Sassy Bee group. I thought you were really developing your own take on the "got scraps" technique. Anyway, I really love the dimension in this quilt. As for scraps, are you familiar with Bonnie Hunter? Her blog has lots of free patterns that use scraps.

  2. Thanks JoAnne! Actually, Mumbo Jumbo is a different scrap-using pattern than the one I did with the Sassy Bee group. The one that I did with the group was called "Willy Nilly" (aka "Mile-A-Minute") -- I haven't had a chance yet to post about that one, but hopefully can soon. I'll have to check out Bonnie Hunter's blog; thanks!