Sunday, December 9, 2012

Happy Hollydays

Last year my Mom and I made "funky trees", and for this year's holiday season I made a 12"x12" decorative piece to go with the metalwork display that I introduced in the Welcome Fall blog. Again, I used a pattern from Amber Fenton Designs:

We have two full bins of miscellaneous holiday fabrics in "the stash", so I drew my choices from that. I used the blanket stitch for some of the red and green leaf applique. But, because this is a very small piece just for displaying, I didn't think it really needed a lot of quilting or securing of the raw-edge applique pieces. I also experimented with some free-motion quilting -- and unfortunately was not very happy with either the experience or the results. I have a number of other applique quilts that are nearing completion ... and I'm starting to think that I'm just going to have to save them until there's a long-arm quilting machine in my life!

12"x12" decorative holiday quilt

Decorative holiday quilt in metalwork display.

Happy Hollydays!!